From roadside smoke stand to cooking for the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre, Blunt has been a smoking influence on Orlando palates for more than 20 years. But his fame is in
the sauce.

“Even not-so-good barbecue is still good,” Blunt says. “But if you have really good smoked meat that doesn’t need sauce, sauce will make it better.”

With a range of sauces available at outlets like Fresh Market and Lombardi’s Seafood, Blunt says they complement everything. BoJack’s Slappin’ sauce, a dark and spicy blend, goes with sausage and steak; pulled pork works well with the slightly sweet Original sauce; turkey and fish benefit from the tangy Mustard sauce; and the sweet and spicy Garlic Wing sauce makes those little devils flap.

“No matter what’s on the stove,” Blunt says, “the perfect fit for everyone is BBQ. Everyone loves apple pie, everyone loves BBQ. There isn’t anything you can’t cook on a grill.”

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